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my thoughts:  [ Sunday, April 16, 2000 ]
   My thoughts: exactly. There are genuine trade-offs, and then there are the belaboured thoughts that end up on the front pages. Last night, I fell asleep thinking about irises. How about you? What did you fall asleep thinking about?

full moon:  [ Thursday, April 13, 2000 ]
   According to the US Navy (a reliable source?) This file shows what the moon looked like at the time of my birth, in my timezone. (You can find out what moon you were born under too... or any other time, actually. Though the script was written as a Bourne Shell CGI Script. Welcome to the US Military... boldly fifteen years behind and slow.) A little bit of math tells me that I was born less than four hours from the apex of a full moon, and I was born at night, too, so far as anyone remembers. Is a full moon at birth a good sign? Bad? An icebreaker at bad parties?

tom:  [ Wednesday, April 12, 2000 ]
   Is isn't that this is particularly surprising or anything, I mean, Tom Arnold searches for a bride online, and tens of thousands of women submit photos of themselves, and so forth... the thing that shocked me was that the site is actually attractive. I thought seriously about submitting a picture of myself and some information... Tom said in an interview "I wrote back to most of the men who submitted and said 'this is my third marriage, if this doesn't work, you guys are on the top of my list'". (This quote is paraphrased.)

   Tom is also upfront and oddly likeable despite this fairly dubious attempt to find love: "On the negative side, I eat too much, occasionally smoke cigars, have ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), and a low sperm count (we would still have kids in-vitro)."

randoms:  [ Monday, April 10, 2000 ]
   Rothko: "..his floating blocks of color were [set] in a soft-edged geometric arrangement..." These pictograms are hardly soft edged, and the 25 colour pallate and randomness frankly are contrary to the ideas of Rothko, but some of the results are accidentally very pretty. It was something to click on, found at the ingenious "5k contest".

celery:  [ Tuesday, April 4, 2000 ]
   A Word article about Art Frahm, a pinup artist from the 50s. There is something unsettling and scary about his work, but when reading the commentary and looking at his pinups, I laughed an awful lot. His pin-ups were absolutely ridiculous, and seemed to be based on the assupmtion that women's underwear occasionally jump down women's legs.

   All of the pin-ups are decidedly un-erotic (unless you have a thing for shapelessly pink underwear), and all of them are laughably contrived. However, I think that the strange appeal of these works in more in the demonstration that people can be very persistent when they lock on a concept, good or bad. It is impossible for underwear to fall down if you are wearing garters, but someone thought that men would love these paintings.

[warning, this is Word, and so it likes to play with browsers. don't be shocked if the page inexplicably shifts you window to co-ords (+10,+10)...]

constructor:  [ Friday, March 31, 2000 ]
   I cannot tell you how much time I spent playing with this. I think that perhaps I won't. It is literally the most interesting game I have ever played. I have never enjoyed a piece of software this much. It is a Java applet that lets you build geometric springy things with muscles and tug them around. Once you read the instructions and learn how to build your own, it is engrossing.

   I built something that swam like a jelly fish, and then managed to add to it until suddenly it was flapping like a bird. I changed the tension on the springs and the cycle of one set of muscles, and the bird turned itself inside out everytime it flapped. I turned the gravity on, and the bird danced on the tips of its wings like they were its toes. I would recommend trying to stick with symetrical shapes and muscles, slightly out of phase for life-like forms.

bumble bee:  [ Wednesday, March 29, 2000 ]
   Self-promotion mixed with testing... I redesigned the art and layout of bluepixie's diaryland site, based on some ideas that we came up with late one night. I think that it turned out fairly well, but I worked with it for too long to be much of a judge. I do know that the drag code is a ridiculous hack, but I am going to fix that, I swear. It works. So there. I think it works. But I want people to look at it and point out anything that breaks in your browser, or that looks odd. It is cute, and I hope you like it.

mud wash:  [ Monday, March 27, 2000 ]
   This entry is a single photograph. I can't explain why I find it so interesting, though you will have to admitt that it has something to it. It was taken with a camera that the photographer found in a garbage dump. (The story that wraps around this photo is on a genuinely ugly page.) The photo seems to me to be a part of the picture somehow. Maybe someone has a more articulate explaination of what I see...