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probe:  [ Friday, March 24, 2000 ]
   ...and my father said "So, I got the oscilloscope, but it doesn't have any probes..." I said "what are you going to do with an oscilloscope without any probes?" And he said "Well, it turns out that there is a company that only makes oscilloscope probes."

   He is indeed correct about that. They are Probe Master. The picture of their lab is, um, stunning, to say the least.

shockwave:  [ Thursday, March 23, 2000 ]
   So, this is a giant, heavy and sticky corporate website. It has a tendency to insist that you need a lot of new software (including IE5 popping up with the warning 'you need to reboot to complete this installation' when I didn't think that anything was being installed. That would be Microsoft for you, though. They like you to stay up to date. Very, very much. Almost too much...)
   However, they do have some dangerously fun and fabulously compelling content. If you go to the cartoons section (ingeniously, they structured their site so that I can't send you there directly) there are some wonderous picks. I love Thugs on Film, and Ed's Head and... well, they are moving pictures. I don't know what makes them all so damn fascinating, but they really are. I think, bizarrely, that they are wonderful because of the way that Flash's raster engine renders things so brightly and smooth and anti-aliased. Who would have thought that splines and vectors would rock my world?

shortcut:  [ Monday, March 20, 2000 ]
   I found this earlier this afternoon, while I was feeling sick and sorry for myself. I watched the applet running literally for hours, and still can't stop watching it. It is pretty scary in its ability to mesmerize me. Java required, naturally...

cormorant:  [ Monday, March 20, 2000 ]
   Phalacrocorax carbo, the cormorant. I am desperately fascinated by the practice of cormorant fishing. This article doesn't paint the practice quite as lovingly as it might. It doesn't mention that the fisherman raise their cormorants from eggs, and care for them all their lives, trading their skills at fishing with food, shelter and love. I can't claim that this would be the best possible life for a cormorant, but I think that it is what I would want to do. From another site: Cormorant fishing master Usho says, "For us, cormorants are like family members. Some of them have been working for me for 20 years. They are like my sons. I feel pity for them when I must take all the fish they capture."

found:  [ Thursday, March 16, 2000 ]
   I frankly don't care whether or not the photo's that christop found on the street are art or not. I mean, the discussion is interesting, but I think that the discovery and the obvious thought and mystery that he has attached to them make them so much more interesting to me. Perhaps my point is that I mostly care if I am interested in the pictures, not whether they are art...

de ciphered:  [ Thursday, March 16, 2000 ]
   Some staff members of the Open PGP group document how they cracked the way that CyberPatrol4 encodes its list of censored internet sites that the product uses to prevents users from accessing bad things online. It notes fairly prominently that the encoding and hashing algorithms aren't really cryptographic, and then present a stunningly in depth account of the crack. My favourite part is when they use Gauss-Jordan elimination with arithmetic modulo-2. I found this page oddly compelling reading, working towards the discovery that CyberPatrol4 blocks things like a sheet music publisher in Chattaroy, Washington and the Nuclear Control Institute. I also admit that I have a thing for hearing people discuss Hashing algorithms. Is that strange?