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loobylu:  [ Tuesday, May 23, 2000 ]
   Hooray... she went live with this wonderful site. The little that is there is gorgeous, and I couldn't help using one of her free backgrounds, despite the fact that it is very non-fishy-ish. It was too pretty and happy to pass over. Like everything LoobyLu does.

Robot 182:  [ Saturday, May 13, 2000 ]
   Painting by Swatch: "Sometimes I feel like a robot, and I'm also a big fan of science fiction, instead of tagging Swatch or SW, sometimes I just paint robots, or tag up Robot, Tilt or Omar." So very wonderful...

nana:  [ Monday, May 8, 2000 ]
   Personal memoirs, family history, and the like are some of my favourite things to find online. I really loved this article, and its failed Lana Turner. Reading this made me want to find a new novel that I can get into and inhabit. I am reading mostly non-fiction right now. Anyone have any suggestions?

gar gar:  [ Tuesday, May 2, 2000 ]
   I love Flash animation, don't get me wrong... I think that it is actually God's gift to the web... but this absurdly hypnotic animation makes content seem like the underbelly of a hundred small worms. Somewhere deep in the brain of the internet, there is medium, mixed-media, mixed-up-media, and content. Somethings are oddly sucessful fusions, others are just one of the above, taken to near-violent extremes. I think that this would be my personal example of this increasingly dubious catagory. Or something.

muggers:  [ Friday, April 28, 2000 ]
   Okay, actually, they are MUGORS (Macintosh Users Group Of Regina, Saskatchewan). I saw this, and I just looked at it with my eyes blurring into the distance. I have nothing particular against Macs, in fact, the graphite iBook is rather sexy. Farther in fact, if I ever had to do any video editing, which I won't, I would use a G4. But that isn't the point. These guys have a group, a club. What do they talk about? Is it in a church basement with perc. coffee and a tray of cookies at break? Do they have creaky church basement chairs and a club constitution? ( They actually meet here, it seems... )

   In my head, they whack people on the head with their bubble-sleek purple iBooks, and steal their money like good little muggers. It helps me sleep not to picture them any other way...

mediocre:  [ Saturday, April 22, 2000 ]
   So, I recently made the decision to take some time off from school, after four years in post secondary education. I have been in school since I was 4. I am not as enraged by the world as this person is. This site is an enormous rant on the promotion of mediocrity in universities, and it is perhaps a little much, as I don't suppose that anyone believes that universities claim to do anything more than they do. I don't think that people are outraged at the thought that there are problems with incompetence in universities. I had two professors last term that were so incredibly bad that I almost couldn't believe that they were human beings. One of my pure math profs read someone else's slides outloud for our class, and he didn't seem to understand them or be able to elaborate on them.

   Anyway, this is something to read. I mean, it can't hurt. I thought about a bunch of my professors, and just tried to even remember some of the others. Who taught CS134? I went to those classes, and I really don't know. I think that it was a man, though that is a pretty easy guess in Computer Science.

hello kitty:  [ Wednesday, April 19, 2000 ]
   If you are running IE5, and it presents you with the option of installing support for Chinese Traditional encoding display, you might consider doing so. None of this makes any sense at all, even the English bits, but the Chinese does add something to the experience. It is apparently "made by 5 cute girls who want 2 b princess", and there is the strongest combination of cute and strangely disembodied shapes I have ever seen. Additionally, my monitor actually made noises while trying to display one of the backgrounds. See if you can guess which ones...

   One of the links leads to a diary, some lead to bafflingly fragmented bits of cuteness. I think that this site is the most I have ever enjoyed a foriegn language site before, mostly because it challenges my grasp on reality using pink.