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1000robots:  [ Wednesday, December 13, 2000 ]
   Sam Brown, the all-too-cool author of the fantastic-but-neglected exploding dog has a new site, in which he draws in oil pastels, rather than the clean and cartoonish tablet drawings for exploding dog. These are darker, grittier drawings, and without the contributed meta-content that the titles provided before. Here there is clearly a storyline, something going on in complete silence... looking at the thumbnails, you feel like you are following a story that you can't hear. Sam says that he doesn't know what the story is yet, so the drawings aren't in order. Which makes this even more fun, for me. My favourite so far is this silent moment...

caboose:  [ Saturday, December 2, 2000 ]
   I enjoy trains and subways and that sort of thing, but I think that I enjoy them in a much different way from the people at I searched through so many of their pictures, and decided that perhaps a lot of them enjoy trains mostly because they are big and heavy and made of metal. Maybe I am wrong, of course, but when I click through everything in their site, I don't feel the romance of trains, or the sense of loss and forgotten beauty, or the tinge of weighty memories. Just big metal things. This picture, though, is fantastic. Look at the surroundings, and also the positioning of the figure's body. It is a triumphant pose of possesive conquest, but the picture exudes loneliness and loss. I am a hopeless romantic, though, which maybe make me unlikely to fit in with most railfans...

stick-girl attacks NYC!:  [ Saturday, November 18, 2000 ]
   I am a huge fan of vintage postcards, and also of New York City... this collection of postcards is one of the more fun, more beautiful I have ever seen, and this particular card, while not the most beautiful, is the most fun. Click on the attacking girl with the flower in her hat. There is something wildly identifiable in this that makes it one of the most enjoyable things I have found online. It is nice to know that there are people rooting through junkshops looking for the fabulousness of being alive, and then sharing it. I really wish that I found stuff like this every day. I would smile all of the time, and not be nearly so afraid of people...

dave, self-denier:  [ Tuesday, November 14, 2000 ]
   I can't help loving this mascot. There really are a lot of mascots that take the form of slaghtered animals... the St. Hubert's chicken is a prime example, though the Mr. Goudas cow is the most creepy... because it is a photograph of an actual cow, looking mournfully from the side of every can, as if to say, "I hope you enjoy eating my Aunt". Creepy beyond speaking, really, but then, who buys canned meat, really? I mean, tuna, salmon, but canned beef? Canned chicken? Do we live in a bomb shelter?

babies:  [ Monday, November 6, 2000 ]
   Okay, so, this is something that I found again after years and years. It is from the book that taught me all about where babies come from, and it was written in 1975, and it is quite fantastic. I have to warn you, the image is enormous, since it is two entire pages from a large children's book, and I also have to warn you that I am clearly in violation of copywrite laws here. But, I will justify it this way: I am searching desperately for an un-damaged copy of this book, and I need to show samples to find it. If you have any leads, let me know, and if you need more samples (wink-wink) let me know. This book was ridiculous, but also fantastic, and if I ever found out who wrote it, I would pester them to do a second edition...

terry cloth:  [ Monday, October 30, 2000 ]
   Welcome to the year I was born. 1977, and here we have an add from May of that year. This suit is made from terry cloth... so it is essentially a leisure suit made out of towels. Fortunately, I was only a few months old at the time, and probably was yet-unable to suffer from the harmful effects of such sartorial blundering. Adflip, incidentally, is a dangerously compelling resource: print ads from the past sixty years. This collection is huge, and I could spend an entire day marvelling over items from just the 1970's.

   More subtle is finding things that set current advertizing apart from that of a decade ago. This ad from 1988 is a perhaps a good example, or perhaps it is the sort of fluke terrible ad that wanders around today. I have always been oddly compelled by the choices that advertisers make when laying out an ad. Send me your favourite, or even the favourite from the year you were born... or even better, from the year 1972.